Is It Time to Take a Second Look at Home insurance in Harrisburg PA?

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Insurance

Back when the home was purchased, the new owner invested in Home insurance in Harrisburg PA. Since that time, the only attention given to the policy was remitting the premiums. Now that the mortgage is settled, the time has come to take a good look at the insurance and see if it still provide a reasonable range of benefits. Here are some specifics to consider closely before deciding to renew for another term.

Covering the Costs of a Complete Loss

Take a good look at the terms of the current Home Insurance in Harrisburg PA and see what the maximum benefits would be if the home was completely destroyed due to a covered event. The goal is not to look at the currently assessed property value, but what it would cost to rebuild the home from the ground up. Unless the figure is sufficient to meet the costs of hiring contractors, buying materials, and, in general, being able to completely recover from the disaster, the plan is not sufficient. Opting for something with more benefits is a must.

Taking Care of Repairs

In some cases, the home may not be a complete loss, but it will take money to make essential repairs after some sort of incident takes place. For example, what would the policy do if lighting were to strike the heating and cooling unit? Would the policy replace the unit and the wiring that runs into the home? If not, then the time has come to find a policy that will cover events of this nature.

Reasonable Deductibles

Like many other forms of insurance, home policies often come with some deductibles. Assuming the maximum payouts and the scope of the coverage is fine, look closely at what the homeowner would have to pay out of pocket before the provider would begin to pay anything. The chances are that the original plan came with higher deductibles as a strategy for keeping the premiums a little lower. With money in the bank now, opting for lower deductibles that limit out of pocket expense is a wise move.

For help with evaluating a current plan or selecting a new one, talk with the team at Farnham Insurance. It will not take long to see what changes, if any, are in the best interests of the homeowner.

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