Is Now the Right Time to Replace Those Older Wood Windows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Having plenty of windows in the home is a great asset. When the weather is nice, the ability to raise those sashes and let in fresh air is great. If the weather is less than pleasant, being able to securely close the windows and turn on the air conditioning makes the home more comfortable. While windows will last for many years, the day will come when the homeowner needs to invest in new Wood Windows in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Here are some ways to determine if that day has arrived.

Warped Sashes

Over time, wooden sashes can begin to warp. That makes raising and lowering them quite a chore. The warping also creates additional tension on other parts of the window frame. While there is the option of having new sashes fashioned and repairing any other damage done to the framework, it’s often more cost-effective to simply replace those wood windows in Milwaukee Wisconsin completely.

Lots of Air Seepage

In years past, the windows were tight enough to prevent a lot of air seepage. These days, there’s a noticeable breeze even when the sashes are closed. This makes controlling the temperature inside a lot harder. By investing in new windows, that flow of air will cease and the homeowner will have greater control over the temperature and humidity levels inside.

High Utility Bills

The condition of the windows does more than make it harder to control the indoor temperature. There’s also the matter of dealing with rising utility bills. That’s because the home heating and cooling system have to run more often in order to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. By choosing to replace those older windows with new ones, the homeowner can look forward to less energy consumption and the lower utilities that come along with the bargain.

If there is some speculation about the fate of the current windows, find more information here about when to repair and when to replace them. Call a contractor and have the windows inspected. Depending on the outcome, now may be the ideal time to start looking at the options for new wooden windows.

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