Items to Consider when Looking at Commercial Refrigeration in Gainsville, FL

Starting a new food business requires the coordination of many different pieces of equipment. Among one of the most important pieces of equipment regulated by Food Safety is the refrigeration units. Refrigeration units are designed to keep food at a temperature that impedes the growth of organisms. Because they are highly regulated, choosing the right refrigeration system for the business is a critical decision to make.

The inside square footage of Commercial Refrigeration in Gainesville FL needed should be considered. This will depend on how much food is intended to be stored in the unit itself. The size of the restaurant, the amount of ingredients used in the dishes as well as the approximate number of patrons need to be taken into account when determining storage capacity. If this refrigeration system is to be used for bigger items such as cakes, consider the length of the shelves and the size of items being stored.

The outside measurements also need to be considered when deciding on whether to go with a large unit or several smaller ones. This will depend on the space allotted for the refrigeration units. If the space has to be remodeled, make sure that there is adequate area for the refrigeration units built in. Measurements should be taken ahead of time to ensure that units will fit squarely into the space.

Another item to consider is the amount of electrical power that the units will draw from the system. In some cases, the electrical system may have to be revamped to handle the capacity of the Commercial Refrigeration in Gainesville FL. This system should be set upon its own breaker system and needs to be isolated from other appliances due to the large demand. It is best to have the electrical system checked out prior to installation to make certain that the system is adequate.

The refrigeration system is an important part of any food business. Because it is so vital to operations, the right unit must be selected for business operations. The inside square footage of the unit, the outside measurements and the amount of power needs to be considered when choosing one. Contact Charles Berg Enterprises or their Facebook page for more information or questions on refrigeration units.

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