Jetting Services: Tackling Pipe Blockages with Ease

If you’ve noticed recurring clogs and blockages in your home or business’s plumbing system, it may be time to call a local and reputable plumber. In most cases, drainage and water pressure problems can indicate more serious plumbing issues.

Blockages within your plumbing system can lead to clogged drains or even a contaminated water supply. If you think that you may be experiencing these types of issues, jetting services may be a possible solution.

What Is Jetting?

Jetting is a process of cleaning sewers utilizing high water pressure. This system literally scours your pipe’s wall, removing anything in its path.

Jetting works well on all sizes of pipes, including sewer and storm drain systems. Unlike rodding mechanically with a cable and snake, which just introduces a hole in the blockage, jetting actually removes the blockage located on the inner walls of the pipe and returns it to its original diameter and state.

These types of jetting services are the most efficient solution to remove almost 100% of debris, roots, and grease built up within your sewer lines.

High-pressure jetting services can help you clear buildup by:

  • Emulsifying and penetrating grease
  • Breaking up debris and sludge
  • Pulverizing blockage roots
  • Cutting and removing hardened scale
  • Completely clearing and flushing the system

How Often Do You Need Jetting?

Commercial establishments such as restaurants often require frequent jetting in order to remove grease buildup, debris and sludge, and mineral deposits that often accumulate within the lines. Depending on your needs, jetting could be required as often as every month or bi-weekly.

Other business may only need one to two cleanings on an annual basis while others may find that they benefit from monthly to quarterly jetting services.

If you don’t already have a jetting schedule set up for your home or place of business, visit to learn more about your specific jetting needs.

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