Keep On Smiling with An Invisalign Dentist in Lafayette LA

Smiling improves self esteem and creates a friendly and approachable attitude. Sadly, some people feel insecure about their smile due to imperfect teeth. It does not help to know that straightening teeth can be a long and painful process when metal braces are put onto those teeth in order to correct a smile. There can be anywhere from months to years of wearing, adjusting, and cleaning braces to achieve the desired result. All the while, that metal is stressfully interfering in speech, eating, drinking, and virtually everything else where the mouth is concerned. Being able to remove the braces during treatment would be so incredibly convenient. So convenient that not a soul would even know that those pearly whites are even being shifted around at all.

Luckily, dentistry experts have perfected this process by modernizing the way teeth are straightened. Invisalign is a custom alignment tray that is made of smooth, transparent plastic and placed in the mouth over the teeth. This type of plastic is smooth enough to keep from cutting into the gums and in between teeth while being worn, unlike metal braces, bands, and expanders can. This aligner gets changed by a dentist or orthodontist every fourteen days to continuously shift the teeth and into proper alignment.

Truth be told, in many cases these clear braces can straighten the smile just as well as metal braces. There are just a few differences. Invisalign is worn twenty three hours a day, worn permanently until properly removed from the mouth by an orthodontist. This alignment tray can be removed anytime if the situation needs it. Many reasons for removals include eating, cleaning, brushing teeth, flossing, etc. Since there are no major adjustments made when using this type of aligner, the teeth move overtime creating a very natural shift. Also, this slow movement helps improve jaw structure. In most cases, the tray can help support any jaw alignment issues and any other jaw related ailments, injuries, or disorders. Smile, it makes life seem less stressful.


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