Keeping Your Dog Happy And Healthy

When treated well, a dog is the most faithful, loving and forgiving creature on earth. Believe it; in your dogs eye you are the best thing in the world. As a responsible dog owner you owe it to the animal to ensure he or she is happy and healthy.

There are a few easy things that you can do to ensure the long-term health of your dog:

* Stress free environment: A dog that lives in a happy home is a happy pet. Dogs are very sensitive animals. Insecurity, which leads to stress, is something they sense while on the other hand boredom and lack of exercise can quickly lead to a destructive behavior.

Of course, your dog should not be given the freedom of the neighborhood, not only can it lead to complaints, it is a ticket to the vets in Bucktown if it is hit by a car or gets involved in a fight. If you have a dog you should really have a fenced yard.

* Fit and trim: Excess weight is a major problem that can quickly lead to a number of related health problems. There are plenty of places where you can go on the internet and get information on what the norm is for the breed of animal you have. If your pet grossly exceeds the normal weight, vets in Bucktown can help you develop a weight loss plan for the dog.

* Plenty of water: Without plenty of water the animal’s kidneys have to work harder. If you have more than one dog it actually can be difficult to gauge exactly how much each animal is drinking. It is easy to determine if your pet is well hydrated, the gums will moist and a healthy pink color and the animal’s urine will be light yellow. Always provide plenty of water all through the day, and night.

Along with regular visits to the vets in Bucktown, by following a few simple rules, you can be assured that your dog is happy, healthy and contented.

Exercise, hydration, good diet, a stress free environment and regular visits to the vets in Bucktown are all that are needed to keep your dog in peak condition. You are invited to take your pet to Village West Veterinary.

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