Key Areas to Check for Garage Door Repairs in Arlington Heights IL

Many homeowners in the Arlington Heights area count on their garage doors working day in and day out, and when something goes wrong it can throw off their entire day! Keeping a watchful eye out for problem areas can help make garage door repair in Arlington Heights IL easier and more manageable.

Control Panel

The panel that’s generally located on a wall either in or near the garage, this is the control area that tells the system when to turn on and off and whether to open the garage door or close it.

Remote Control

The device typically kept in your vehicle for easy access from the outside, the biggest issue with the remote control is low batteries- a very simple thing to check for and to fix.

Wires and Motors

Keep an eye on the wires and connections on the motor house itself- cracks in wire sheaths and loose connections can cause problems and also an accumulation of dirt and dust can affect motors.

Tracks and Springs

The tracks the garage door itself moves up and down on are prone to issues that can impact movement, and the tension springs that hold the door need to be closely inspect to ensure they are holding up.

Door Paneling

The panels that make up the garaged door itself can be damaged and dented to the point where the door cannot be moved up or down- common causes are storm damage, impacts, and poor installations.

When you have issues with your garage door system that needs to be addressed, give us a call here at Robert’s Garage Doors and let us give you a helping hand.  No matter what your needs are, when it comes to garage door repairs in Arlington Heights IL, we are here for you!

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