Landlords Looking to Improve Their Offering could Add Carpet Cleaning Services in Meridian to the Mix

Ever since 2010 or so, the rental market has been booming. Tenants have a lot of options at their disposal, and every little bit helps to improve the deal. Should landlords consider Carpet Cleaning Services in Meridian for their tenants? Below are a few questions that could help pinpoint if a landlord can offer residential cleaning services, such as carpet cleaning.

How Often is the Tenant Away?

If the tenant is a homebody, it may not be the best move. The reason is that they may be home a lot. Carpet cleaning could be a nuisance that they may not exactly want. Landlords can gauge this by speaking with a potential tenant. Having someone come into the home and doing a full carpet cleanse may not be advised. The most important thing is to make sure the tenant is happy and comfortable. If they are, they will continue paying and staying.

Are They a Mess?

It’s a basic question, but a vital one. If the tenant hesitates when asked if they are messy, it might be worth it for that reason alone. Obviously, it can be hard to figure out if this is the case prior to getting a tenant in the home. But, it is a place to start. Landlords may also want to look at past history and experience to see if it is worthwhile and needed.

Are They DIY-Oriented?

A tenant could have a lot of initiative, and have a DIY ethos. This means taking control of Carpet Cleaning Services in Meridian, gardening, and other areas of the home. Contacting a previous landlord could help shed some light here. Being a landlord is like running a business. If a tenant is willing to do the service, then a landlord can reel it back. A landlord can be nice, but they may also want to allow a positive and clean DIYer to take control.

Servicemaster Clean offers impeccable rates for landlords looking to add carpet cleaning to their rental offering. There are other residential cleaning services available that include general clutter cleanliness, water damage, and others. Contact the company today for more details.

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