Landscaping Applications for Sand in Austin, TX

Sand is used in a wide variety of applications, from landscaping to snow and ice control and beyond. One of the most popular uses for sand in Austin, TX is in the creation of landscaping and fabricating usable outdoor spaces. Read on to find a few examples of how sand can be used to great effect in a few different types of landscaping designs.

Hold Pavers in Place

Extremely fine sand can be used to level stone pavers and fill the spaces in between them to avoid shifting. Not only does this add significant stability to the walkway, but it also adds a distinct visual appeal. The use of fine, uniformly colored sand can create an interesting contrast with darker paver stones, adding layers of nuance to a landscape at the same time as it helps to keep the pavers in place.

Children’s Play Areas

Sandboxes have historically been popular among families looking to design a safe outdoor play area for their children. Today, though, it is also used underneath children’s outdoor sports equipment such as swings to reduce the force of impact in the event of falls. Parents may want to choose a medium to coarse grain in order to prevent tracking out of play areas and to keep the rest of the backyard landscape looking tidy and clean.

Zen Gardens

One use for sand in Austin, TX that is growing significantly in popularity as homeowners begin to become more conscious of their natural resource use is the creation of Zen gardens. Unlike ordinary gardens, which require a significant amount of water in order to grow and thrive, Zen gardens are constructed out of the sand, rocks, and other inert materials. The sand used in Zen gardens is intended to be representative of the ocean, while the large stones placed within it are meant to represent the natural earth formations that jut out of open water.

Find a Reliable Provider

It’s important to purchase landscaping sand from a reliable provider, as the grain and quality of the sand can have a dramatic impact on the end results. Contact Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC for more information or place an order today to get started.

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