LASIK: Effective Refractive Surgery

If you have problems with your eyes, you may require corrective surgery. While glasses and contact lenses may address certain issues, LASIK doctors in Jacksonville, FL, understand that using their method will provide a more permanent solution. After the surgery, the individual will not have to wear glasses or contact lenses to see the world.

What Is LASIK Surgery?

LASIK is the acronym for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. As the name indicates, this type of surgery utilizes a laser. LASTIK uses an extremely precise excimer laser to reshape the cornea of the eye. By doing so, it helps it to refocus the image onto the retina clearly and precisely, replacing the existing blurred image. This makes it ideal for those who suffer from three specific conditions:

1. Myopia or near-sightedness
2. Hyperopia or far-sightedness
3. Astigmatism

It also can successfully address a combination of the above eyesight issues, specifically hyperopia and astigmatism or myopia and astigmatism.

Conditions Not Suitable for LASIK Surgery

If you are considering LASIK surgery, doctors in Jacksonville recommend you come in for an assessment prior to committing yourself to this solution. Those who may not qualify are:

  • Under age 18 or 21
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Using a prescription for glasses or contacts that does not fall within the parameters effectively treated by LASIK doctors
  • Taking certain prescriptions drugs, most notably Accutane or oral prednisone
  • Having trouble stabilizing the condition of their eyes

Furthermore, if your eyes are not healthy or you are in general poor health, your doctor may deny you the procedure until you are in better condition. Furthermore, some doctors do not recommend Lasik surgery for those who have diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or other health problems.

Lasik Doctors

If you are thinking of correcting your eyesight using LASIK, doctors in Jacksonville, recommend you contact them for complete information. Only after a thorough information session and assessment, should you proceed to arrange for the procedure to take place.

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