Little Known Facts about the Big Rigs

They are everywhere these days, when you take to the highway. Those 18 wheeler rigs come in many different styles, colors and types. For most of us, the freedom of rolling down the highway is only a dream but many people are living this dream today and brining all kinds of good things to our local stores and doorsteps. Yes, we owe a lot to these vehicles and whether you are checking out heavy duty trucks for sale in Texas or simply buying fresh produce at the market, you might appreciate these little known facts about the big rigs, which have captured the imagination of millions.

Why Are They Called “Semis”?

“Semi” refers to the kind of trailers these rigs commonly pull. In fact, there are two types of trailers, semi and full. A full trailer has an axle and wheels at the front. At the nose, a semi trailer has only landing gear and a special hitch designed to hook up to the truck.

So where are full trailers used? Full trailers are connected to semi trailers or other full trailers. For example, standard pup trailers are often pulled together. One is full and the other is semi.

On the open road, two or sometimes three full size trailers can be pulled by one truck. However, they are limited where they can go. Yet, there are places in Australia where it’s legal to pull four full size trailers.

Where are all the Big Trucks Living?

If you are looking for heavy duty trucks for sale in Austin or Houston, you are in luck. One third of all the big rigs today are registered in Texas, Florida and California. This means you’ll probably have a larger selection, especially when it comes to new trucks.

40,000 Tons is a Lot of Weight

Did you know semi trucks can legally haul 80,000 pounds of weight? However, this doesn’t mean they can haul 40,000 tons of cargo. The 80,000 pounds is total weight.

International is Very Popular

When you check for heavy duty trucks for sale in Texas, chances are you’ll see plenty of International trucks. According to Equipment Watch Intelligence (heavy equipment data source) International is the most common used truck on the market and has been since 2005. International is very popular in new truck sales and of all the trucks on the road, only Freightliner sells more. You’ll also find reasonable prices, as International has some of the lowest priced trucks and best values on average.

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