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Cooling a home can require a lot of energy. For example, the typical HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system must compress quite a bit of refrigerant to collect heat from the building. In fact, this cycle must continue as the refrigerant collects and releases heat in order to provide enough chill to cool all the spaces in the building. An Air conditioning contractor can help reduce the cost of this function by ensuring the appliance has the proper amount of coolant. This should be checked as a part of its annual maintenance.

Another reason to check the refrigerant level is to ensure the condenser has enough lubricant. Compressing the refrigerant and collecting heat from the home can cause the condenser to get really hot and this reduces its efficiency. To keep friction under control, the chemical manufacturers include the lubricant required by the condenser as part of the refrigerant. However, when the refrigerant level is low, then the lubricant may not be delivered where it is needed.

There are other ways to cool a space. For example, the use of a split or ductless appliance installed by an experienced Air conditioning contractor can provide comfort at various levels. This is possible because the split system has multiple blower units and these have individual control systems. This setup allows for adjusting the temperatures in each zone. Think about it this way, one can have a cool area in the spaces being used while reducing energy consumption in areas that have little traffic.

Alternately, the use of a system such as the heat pump can also make a home comfortable while lowering energy usage. The heat pump is a refrigeration system that uses a small amount of refrigerant for moving heat. This allows it to both heat and cool a space and the appliance can be amazingly simple. An air to air heat pump uses the atmosphere around the unit to collect and release heat and this makes it possible to move heat to or from a building.

One thing that all of these appliances have in common is the need for maintenance. Routine maintenance can extend their service life and could reduce the need for repairs. To learn more about comfort appliances contact the experts at Bowen Refrigeration, Heating and Cooling or visit local page.

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