Local Moving Companies in Birmingham, AL – Some Questions and Answers

Working with professional local moving companies can really make your relocation a lot easier. Experts will take care of the details while you focus on the parts of relocating that matter the most, like finding new jobs and schools. However, dozens of questions about tiny details will still pop up even after multiple meetings with your local moving companies. Birmingham, AL homeowners should keep reading to learn the answers to some of the most common detailed questions that companies are constantly asked.

Do I Need to Empty My Drawers?
Simply put, yes. Anything and everything loose needs to be placed in boxes to prevent loss or damage during the moving process. No matter how securely you’ve got those drawers packed, everything needs to be taken out of them to ensure the best moving process.

What About My Plants?
Most local moving companies will not move your plants for you. The heat and stress of being inside the moving trailer often causes the plants to die. Additionally, many states do not allow the entry of plants, while others only admit them under certain conditions. Check your state’s regulation before you try to transport a plant, and prepare to move them in your own vehicle.

What Should I Do with My Valuables?
Items of great value, like jewelry, antiques, or collections can be included in your shipment provided that you speak with your moving representative before moving day. It is, however, strongly recommended that you carry irreplaceable items with you or make alternate arrangements for their travel. In the moving industry, anything worth over $100 is considered to be of “extraordinary value.” Each mover has a slightly different procedure about transporting these items. Make sure to have a conversation before moving day to ensure that your items can be moved and to understand their rules fully.

How Do I Prepare my Appliances for the Move?
Appliances must be disconnected and stabilized before the move. Of course, you’ll also need to make sure that they’re empty. Your estimator can help you figure out exactly what they would like you to do to get these items ready for the move.

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