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All that grass one sees in yards and landscapes around McLean is not necessarily the same grass type or blend. Different grass blends work better in different situations. There are also different qualities of sod on the market at different prices and, with sod, one gets what they pay for. There are netted and non-netted sod choices. The netted sod can be harvested and sold in less than a year from planting while a non-netted sod is on a two-year planting/harvest cycle.

What Is Turf Quality and Certified Sod?

This is top-grade sod that meets higher standards for sod set by Virginia State. The state of Virginia Crop Improvement and Va Tech publish a list of approved turfgrass varieties each year that must be used. Premier Turf Farms provides Turf Care in McLean VA that meets these standards. Only the yearly list of seed types can be certified. Once the seed arrives and is planted at the sod farm, it grows for up to two years and is inspected and certified. When the sod passes inspection, tags are provided to give to customers. This is the top-grade and more expensive sod.

The Netted Sod Is At A Lower Price Point

Netted sod is common in the sod market because it can be harvested sooner and sold for less. When tall fresco seed has been planted, the sod farmer rolls out plastic mesh over the field. The grass grows through the mesh hiding it. When the grass grows thick enough, in about nine months, it is harvested and sold. The roots are not as well developed, but the mesh holds everything together.

Netted sods cost less but have some drawbacks for customers. The netting is not very biodegradable and is at the base of the sod for a long time. It will become visible in traffic paths or where the grass thins out. Also, if the property owner wants to dig through the sod for any reason, they have to contend with that plastic mesh. Sod on athletic fields cannot be netted because of athlete’s shoe cleats. Also, yards with dogs should not have netted sod. For more information on Turf Care in McLean VA, Browse our websites.

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