Lovely Block Windows for the Master Bath From Suppliers of Commercial Glass in Houston TX

Glass block windows provide an intriguing design feature for bathrooms, especially in combination with a frameless shower door. Products like these are available from a contractor that installs Commercial Glass in Houston TX. The homeowner who longs to have a complete remodeling of the master bath to create an exceptional space for relaxing in a large tub and lingering in a hot shower will appreciate these glass components. Does this sound like you? Spend a little time looking through photo galleries of glass features for the master bath and imagine the possibilities.

Windows made of block glass fit into virtually any bathroom decor. They can be set in a room that looks glam and modern, one that is characterized by elegance, a room with an upscale urban look, and one that is definitively country in design. The differences will be in the materials and fixtures you use during your bathroom remodeling, but you can have a supplier of Commercial Glass in Houston TX set block glass windows into your wall to replace any existing windows.

If a supplier such as Fashion Glass and Mirror Houston TX places block windows behind the shower area, having clear glass shower doors is a fine choice to show off the windows, new wall material or paint, and the new fixtures. For a standalone shower or dual shower, frameless doors offer a sleek look. If you’ll have a combination shower and bathtub, consider clear sliding doors that allow the decorative window to be visible from the rest of the room. A standalone bathtub might have a three-sided enclosure featuring plenty of glass. In fact, you might consider a glass block design around the tub.

You may envision block windows as being constructed of squares all the same size. A provider of Commercial Glass in Houston TX can make windows with squares of varying sizes, as well as with rectangles and blocks with curved edges. You also can have color in the blocks rather than clear glass. The possibilities are so numerous that you’ll have an enjoyable time going through photo galleries and making decisions, then looking forward to your new master bathroom.

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