Maintaining the Condition Of New Roofing in Gig Harbor

Getting new shingles placed on a rooftop is an exciting time for a home or business owner. They will enjoy the aesthetics their new roof provides while knowing their structure is well-protected from moisture damage. It is best to do routine maintenance of a newly-shingled roof to help keep the appearance looking favorable for as long as possible. Here are some steps to take to preserve the condition of new shingles.

Keep On Top Of Rooftop Debris Removal

When debris lands on top of shingles, it tends to make them discolored in appearance. The presence of debris causes singles to fade unevenly as sunlight is not able to reach spots covered up. Moisture damage is another worry if debris remains on shingles. Water becomes trapped underneath and around debris, altering the condition of shingles over time. Remove debris as soon as it is noticed to keep shingles in the best shape.

Cut Back Tree Limbs To Minimize Debris Accumulation

The presence of trees near a home puts shingles at risk of premature damage. When tree limbs and leaves land on shingles, damage to them is likely. Make sure to trim back limbs each year to minimize the chance of damage. Keep limbs cut far enough so they are not hanging over a rooftop at all. This will also keep pests from using limbs as pathways to the rooftop.

Do Regular Checks Of Rooftop Appearance

Check shingles regularly for apparent signs of trouble. If shingles look cracked, curled, pitted, or discolored, moisture may make its way underneath them. A roofing contractor will take a look at the condition of the roof if shingles appear marred in any way. These shingles need replacement to keep the roof intact.

Remove Gutter Material Regularly

When debris clogs up gutters, moisture will spill out of the water redirecting system. This moisture is a hazard to nearby shingles. To avoid the saturation of shingles, scoop out material in gutters regularly.

When there is a need to hire a business that does Roofing in Gig Harbor, finding one with favorable customer service is best. Contact a roofing service today to do an evaluation of shingles or to make repairs as needed.

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