Maintaining Your Septic Tank System

More and more people are now investing in septic tank systems because they live in rural areas. Before you invest in your septic tank, you should first understand how it works and how to maintain it. Septic tanks usually come in two different types, being cement tanks and plastic containers. In most cases, cement tanks are installed underground and they are huge in size, so you’ll need a quality sewage pump service if you want to empty yours efficiently. If you want to prevent your drain from clogging, you should make sure that you hire the services of a quality sewage pumps in Crawley provider. Every septic tank should undergo maintenance and service about once a year, but if yours is full early you should always make sure that you get it emptied as soon as possible, as this will help to prevent problems from happening in the future.

Protecting Your Tank

Your waste water tank will usually hold water from the kitchen, the bathroom and any other waste water sources around your home. If you want to protect your drains from being blocked, then you should avoid pouring grease and oil down your sink. This will help to prevent blockages, and it will also help to keep your drains free and clear at all times. You should also avoid things like cotton balls, as this will also help to prevent blockages from occurring. Whatever tank you choose, you should always make sure that you get it emptied on a regular basis, as this will also help to remove some of the bacteria, preventing build up and foul smells.

Removing Any Blockages

When you hire your pump services, they will check your drains for any blockage. If there is a blockage, then they will use state of the art CCTV equipment to try and release it for you. CCTV equipment is great, because it means that they can always see what exactly is blocking the drain before they attempt to remove it. They will then use high powered jetting equipment to try and clear the drain, before emptying your septic tank for you and servicing your pipes. By having your pipes regularly serviced, you can help to spot leaks before they become a real problem and this can save you a lot of money for the future. #Contact your local pump service provider today to find out more.

Active Pump Services is a premium provider of sewage pumps in Crawley servicing. They will service your pipes for you, checking for any blockages and removing build up from your pipes. They can also empty your septic tank for you, making them a great choice when it comes to your septic tank system maintenance.



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