Make A Statement With Exterior Doors

by | May 11, 2015 | Home Improvement

For a custom built home or a renovation to an existing older or even newer home, making the move to the addition of beautiful exterior doors in a wide range of styles and custom options offers an extra finishing touch.

There are many different designs and features to consider when selecting exterior doors. With the possibility to order a custom design or a specialized style offered by a specialty door manufacturer the possibilities are virtually limitless for any homeowner to consider.

Color and Stain

One of the amazing benefits to top quality wood exterior doors is the choice of different colors of stain or natural woods possible. The rich, darker colors ranging from a dark brown to red mahogany are are an excellent choice for a classic look. Teak provides a richer tan to light brown color while Alder provides a slightly gold to yellowish color when left as natural wood.

There is also Knotty Alder, a popular choice since very door will have a unique pattern within the grain. These doors are typically left natural or stained with a lighter color to allow the natural grain and pattern in the wood to show through.

Top companies offering exterior doors can also custom stain the door prior to delivery. Stain colors can range from the very light to the very dark and can include a sealant coat so the door is completely ready for immediate installation.

Glass Options

Another option to consider with any exterior doors for a home is the style and design of the windows or glass accents in the door. Minimal windows and smaller sidelights and transoms provide additional security while larger windows and more open sidelights and transoms bring in more light and make any entrance look much bigger and more open.

With a custom company offering options to the glass in exterior doors you can choose just the look you want. Sierra glass, rain glass, Flemish glass and builder glass offer the option to bring in light while still providing privacy. More option types of glass include chateau glass, with its diamond design, clear beveled glass or classic glass with iron inserts are perfect when visibility is important.

Other features with exterior doors which can be used to make a statement include the shape of the door. Arched doors and rounded doors are unique and classic in their design while double doors make an impressive entranceway.

Before selecting exterior doors make sure to take the time to look at all the options custom and specialty door manufacturers have to offer. You will be amazed at the door choices you will have.

Our exterior doors offer a wide selection for customers in the market for any type of new or custom made wooden door.

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