Making A Yard Feel Bigger With Landscaping In Waukesha WI

When someone buys a home with a small parcel of land to use as their backyard, there is likely to be a desire to make the area feel bigger. There are several different tricks that can be used to make land feel larger than it is. Try some of these enhancements with landscaping in Waukesha, WI to make a property appear larger.

Use Pathways To Break Up Flat Land

One way to make land feel bigger is with the addition of pathways to break up the monotony of flat, grassy areas. Installing sidewalks, cobblestones, or bricks on the ground to use for walkways will instantly help the eyes to gaze upon several areas of land rather than one area with the same appearance. Consider placing walkways in a curved or staggered pattern instead of straight pathways to make land feel even larger.

Let The Eyes Look Upward

Make people use their eyes to look upward rather than across a parcel of land to increase the feeling of space. Placing a retaining wall or rock garden at a higher level will give people an interesting view, helping to expand the feeling of space in the process. Adding color will also make the levels appear unique, allowing viewers to take in the view for a longer amount of time so they do not miss any features present.

Do Not Use Bordering Materials

Instead of placing stone, flowers, or fencing along the perimeter of the property, keep the border free of adornments. This will make those viewing the land unsure about where the exact property lines are located. Place these additions in the middle portion of the property instead so the focal point will be directed away from the outer edges of the property.

When there is a desire to make additions to Landscaping in Waukesha WI, hiring a professional service to do the job is best. They will be able to make recommendations in how to make the property feel more expansive without spending a lot to do so. Contact Bluemel’s Garden Center to find out more about the services they provide to their customers.

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