Mary V. Schull Is Unique When It Comes to Psychologists in Chalfont, PA

Psychologists in Chalfont PA undergo years of training to assist clients dealing with various issues in life. Upon completion of this training, the individual has the skills to assist people with these issues and any mental health problems they are experiencing. A psychologist must be licensed in the state in which they wish to work, and they must undergo a period of supervised training before they can begin practicing. A variety of techniques is used to assist these individuals, such as psychotherapy. The type of treatment used often depends on the person’s goals, circumstances, values and more.

A psychologist may work with an individual suffering from an addiction, or they may help someone who is struggling with depression. Others turn to this professional as they find they are overwhelmed by their new job or a move they have just made. Psychologists may also be asked to help someone dealing with grief after a loved one passes. Furthermore, these professionals work with individuals who have a phobia they cannot seem to overcome on their own.

Therapy comes in many forms. Some find they respond best to cognitive-behavioral therapy, yet others may benefit from psychodynamic therapy. The therapist, upon evaluation of the patient, may find that a combination of treatments works best. The one thing psychologists do not do is prescribe medications, as they aren’t licensed medical doctors, unless they undergo special training and their state allows them to do so. In addition, they may use individual therapy or work with couples, families or in a group setting. A patient may need multiple sessions, some on their own and some with others in their lives. In certain situations, a psychologist trained in hypnosis may also use this technique as part of the overall treatment plan.

Individuals researching Psychologists in Chalfont PA should consider Mary V. Shull Counseling. She offers both traditional counseling and talk and walk therapy, a unique approach to treatment. Here a patient meets with Ms. Shull in a natural environment, and they discuss any problems the patient is experiencing just as if they were friends out for an afternoon together. Whether the problem is grief, depression, stress or anxiety, patients find the time in the great outdoors is of great help to them in overcoming their problems. Thanks to this option, many individuals find they don’t want to go anywhere else.

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