McArdle Surgical Can Provide The Medical Equipment You Need

Safety in a home is a top priority for individuals who are at risk of falling, are unable to travel up or down the stairs, or bathing after an illness, injury, or the effects of aging. Decreased mobility can make it difficult for these individuals to carry out their normal routine and enjoy remaining in their own home. It’s very easy to slip in a bathtub or shower and McArdle Surgical has all of the safety items an individual needs to reduce the chance of this happening or a serious injury occurring.

Bath Injuries And Safety Equipment

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for an elderly or injured individual to be. Bath chairs, benches, grab bars, and toilet aids can reduce a dangerous situation in the bathroom. A toilet aid that includes bars to safely get on or off will provide the freedom an individual needs and lessen the assistance from others.


A patient or family never has to worry about trying to install bathroom aids by themselves. McArdle Surgical will deliver the aids to their home, install them, and explain how they work and how they should be used. This will alleviate the stress on the family and patient who might worry about the best way to use them.

Stair Lifts

Another dangerous area of the home for the elderly or injured individual is stairs. A stairlift can be installed in a home that is comfortable, safe and easy to use. A battery backup system can be purchased in the event of a power outage and the lift won’t ruin the steps or prevent others from traveling up or down the steps.

Medical Supplies

In addition equipment, mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers, wound care supplies, hot and cold therapy, orthopedic bracing, pillows, bed wedges, blood pressure units, and urinary incontinence supplies are available. Working with a medical supply company can reduce the stress of trying to locate all of the products a loved one needs for their care.

Purchasing items on the internet might seem convenient, but you can’t be guaranteed what you’re getting or that there are proper instructions for using or installing them. When you deal with a local and reputable medical supply company, they can walk you through the products and answer any questions you may have. Visit the Website to find out more about their services.

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