McArdle Surgical In Pittsburgh PA Has All Of The Medical Supplies You Need To Remain At Home

Whether an individual had surgery, has an illness, or is aging and unable to remain safely in their home without medical supplies, a medical supply McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA can help. They carry a wide selection of medical supplies, bathroom safety products, and other equipment that can improve the access to a home, and the mobility aids to move throughout it.

Decreased mobility leads to depression and the feeling of helplessness for individuals who are not able to move freely in their home. The thought of moving to a nursing or personal care home creates anxiety and isn’t in the budgets of many individuals. A medical supply company will provide stair lifts, walkers, wheelchairs, incontinent products, bathing aids, lift chairs, and so much more.

Lift Chairs

A lift chair is perfect for individuals who are unable to sit down or get out of a chair. A lift chair will lift the individual up into a standing position. When the individual is ready to sit down, the chair will be in the upright position and will gently put the individual back into a sitting position.

Lift chairs come in a variety of fabrics and can be ordered to match the other furniture in the room. An individual can remain in their home without the need for an aid to help them sit or stand. It eliminates confinement to a chair until help arrives.

Stair Lifts

Steps can be dangerous for individuals who aren’t steady on their feet or are unable to walk up or down them. McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA carries Acorn and Brooks stair lifts. They offer sales, service, and installation of both of the brands. Stair lifts will not destroy the wall in a home and are designed for straight or curved staircases.

Bath Aids

The bathroom is the most dangerous place in a home. With the help of bath chairs, toilet aids, grab bars, and other safety items, an individual will reduce their chance of falling in the bathroom.

When you or a loved one require additional assistance in the home, McArdle Surgical can help. For more information about all of the products they carry, please feel free to Click Here.

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