Mildew Prevention Needs Up to a Year Following Flood Damage in Queens

There is a lot of information out there about the steps it takes to recover from Flood Damage in Queens in those first few weeks. But, what happens after one month? What happens after six months?
The Flood Damage in Queens is always floating there in the background, and consistent and reliable treatment is essential for maintaining the integrity of the property. If the water is removed, the area is treated, and homeowners remain observant, they may be in a good position. But, it often requires maintenance and monitoring from a professional who can make sure water did not slip between the cracks- quite literally.

Flood treatment should extend about a year after the initial flood damage. The reason for this is that a small amount of moisture can still be contained in, say, the carpet. A small quantity of water can lead to an extremely mild quantity of mold. Though that mold is small, it is the catalyst for more growth. So what seems to be a situation that is professionally and promptly handled will eventually grow into a mildew infestation.

The area near and around the flood damage needs to be prepped. This will include a number of small tasks. They will review the plumbing for any potential leaks. They will also review parts of the home for any cracks where water could be coming in. It does not take much for water to get into a property. They will also provide a checklist that will include tasks such as keeping storage dry, cleaning clothes often, and moving the dehumidifiers around if possible.

The homeowners can do some tests of their own on a weekly basis. That could include vacuuming around the corners, mopping, and disinfecting certain areas of the home. Any mold or mildew growth needs to be handled immediately. If the mildew is detectable, it may indicate mold deeper beneath the surface. For example, mildew along the trim where the carpet meets the wall could hint at more right below the carpet. Visit the website for quick and detailed answers about handling the potential for mold evening here after flood damage.

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