Mind the Gap?: Reasons to Have Dental Implants in Jackson, MI

At times or in specific situations, even a root canal cannot save certain teeth, and in these instances the best course of action is to have the teeth or tooth extracted. In other instances, a missing tooth or gap is the result of an injury or accident. Perhaps a tooth has been missing for years. Missing teeth or gaps can be unsightly and uncomfortable. In all these instances, dental implants could be life changing for the individual.

Addressing Health Concerns

The major concerns regarding missing teeth are the health issues that can arise. For all individuals, an oral surgeon who recommends dental implants in Jackson, MI is likely concerned about deterioration of the jawbone, protecting the surrounding teeth, and overall oral hygiene. Implants can prevent all of these negative consequences of missing teeth.

When you are missing a tooth or teeth, the parts of the jawbone that would anchor those teeth are not stimulated and begin to deteriorate. Oftentimes, dentures can actually also add to this problem. Alternatively, implants stimulate the jawbone and keep it from retracting. Missing teeth are also a strain on your other teeth. A gap causes grinding and stress on the surrounding teeth, which can cause loss of those teeth as well. Finally, dental implants are durable, and a great way to provide a long-term solution for a gaping problem.

Aesthetic Issues with Missing Teeth

Due to an extracted or missing tooth, there can be changes to the jaw structure and shape. These changes may cause discomfort and issues with the person’s bite, but it should only be temporary. However, they can also manifest as alterations of the physical appearance that bother and nag each time you look in the mirror, all in addition to an unsightly gap. Therefore, the aesthetic reasons for having dental implants may not be the most important health wise, but the results are usually life changing. After the procedure, individuals who have not smiled or spoken with confidence in years can open up to family, friends, and new acquaintances proudly and without feeling self-conscious or fearful.

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