Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Polymer Labs For Regular Testing Needs

Any company that requires frequent polymer testing needs to find a polymer lab that can complete the testing in a reliable, accurate and timely fashion. There are a lot of different testing laboratories and facilities out there, but like all professional services, they are not all equal.

There are some key factors that need to be considered when selecting the best polymer lab for any type of testing. Failing to consider all aspects of the testing service can result in possible inconsistencies in results and other types of problems impacting your business.

Shopping by Price

While price will be important, it is also a risk to choose a lab for your testing requirements based on price alone. There are several reasons why a lab may offer a low price with their tests.

One option is that the polymer lab is not well established and may be trying to create a customer base. This may mean a lab with limited equipment, limited staff and perhaps limited testing ability. This can delay results and, in some cases, mean that your test is not completed following standard protocols and practices.

Not Considering Options

Perhaps you are a company working with a testing facility that is not the best, but that does an adequate job. Maybe they are late a few times with reports, or perhaps the specific tests requested are not all completed with every job without reminders and complaints.

If this the case, look for another lab to complete the tests. There are highly professional, ethical and very competent labs that can provide rush service, three to five day testing times and highly competitive pricing.

Look around online, review websites and make a few phone calls for any additional information. There are top labs out there, designed to make customer service and quality testing a part of each one of your orders.

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