Most Famous Fast Food Restaurants in Maui

There may be several well-known Fast Food Restaurants in Maui, but there is definitely one that stands out among the rest. While other famous fast food chains serve almost the same kind of grab and go type of meals, Zippy’s Restaurant has a wider selection on the menu available every single day. That is why more and more locals and tourists flock to one of the many Zippy’s Restaurants in and around Hawaii.

The reason why Zippy’s has continued to stay on top of its game compared to other Fast Food Restaurants in Maui is its convenience, affordability, and selection. Customers who just need a quick bite before heading to the office or school may opt to go to the fast food area of Zippy’s, while those who choose to sit down and enjoy a hefty, good meal can go to the restaurant area. Having the choice of where to order Zippy’s famous meals is reason enough for clients to keep coming back.

Another reason why locals and tourists gravitate towards Zippy’s is its wide selection of dishes. One would be surprised why Zippy’s is considered as a fast food chain because its menu is more comprehensive as other more expensive restaurants in Hawaii. From Daily Specials, Salads, dozens of different types of Burgers to Diabetes-Friendly Options, and Asian-inspired dishes, Zippy’s has anything and everything a local or tourist would crave for. Name it, Zippy’s must have it! Customers can even pre-order sushi or pupu platters to bring to housewarming parties or reunions.

Founded and established in Oahu in the 1960s, Zippy’s has invaded the Maui market only in 2008. Despite its long wait, Maui diners have often flocked to Zippy’s because of some of it bestselling dishes. One of these is the famous Loco Moco, which is made from steamed brown or white rice topped with a hamburger patty and fried egg all covered in the restaurant’s famous gravy and sided with macaroni salad. Another famous local staple available in Zippy’s is Spam Musubi, which is a Japanese-inspired sushi made with Spam, Japanese rice, and nori paper.

There are many meals to try and to look forward to every time one visits Zippy’s Restaurant. Check out website to see its full menu and locations.

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