Multi Axis Turning Operation: Basic Advantages

Machine shops once operated machinery capable of only producing a single part at a time. From there, workers took the component and performed secondary work on it – finishing it to meet the stated specifications. Automation, computer numerical control (CNC) and other technological developments infiltrated and began to alter the means of production. Today, machining continues a number of advanced equipment to speed-up and refine production while reducing the potential risks for error and faulty production. The now common CNC multi-axis turning operation is one example of the modern machine shop.

What Is Multi-Axis Turning?

Multi-axis machines possess more than one axis. These may range from two to five. This allows them to produce multifaceted parts quickly and efficiently. They usually require CAM programming in order to function properly including programming the right tool path.

Advantages of Multi Axis Equipment

CNC multi-axis turning machines offer their operators more than one advantage over manual or even automated turning operation equipment. This machinery offers:

 * Multiple part production
 * High production rates
 * Reduced setup
 * Reduction or elimination of secondary handling
 * Various operations
 * Cost-effectiveness
 * Handles complex parts
 * Flexibility in material choice

A multi-axis turning machine handles several operations efficiently and in a cost-effective manner allowing machinists to produce the specified components quickly with exacting preciseness.

Multi Axis Turning

A machine shop can offer manual, automatic, CNC and even robotic services. Robot welders, for example, can work side-by-side manual machinists or CNC multi-axis machinery. When it comes to a turning operation, machine shops can benefit from installing a multi-axis or even Swiss turning machine. By doing so, it can easily increase its production capabilities and enhance its market base. A machinist can perform various functions using a multi-axis turning machine. In doing so, s/he reduces set-up times and improves production times. For those who want to expand their markets into the demanding medical and aerospace sectors, multi-axis turning machines will provide them with the right tools to do so.

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