Myths Surround Your Veterans Benefits Lawyer In Texas

Whether you’ve just started your claim or have been denied and are now wondering if you need a Veterans Benefits lawyer in Texas, you should understand that there are many myths associated with attorneys in these matters. It seems that many people aren’t sure when to hire them or if they’re necessary, making it an even more confusing time.

Can’t Hire Someone Until BVA Decides

While the law used to say that you couldn’t hire a veterans’ benefits lawyer in Texas until after the BVA decision was released, it is no longer the case. The law changed in 2007 when Congress passed a new law that ensures you can hire an attorney after the VA denies the first claim.

You can also hire lawyers at any time during the process, but they cannot be paid a fee until your claim has been denied.

Attorneys Only Take High-Value Cases

This myth is probably going to be around forever, but it’s not true. Lawyers everywhere have specific criteria they focus on to determine if they should take the case. For one, they want to win and have more wins under their belt. If they feel that you have been wronged, they are more likely to help you. It’s not necessarily about the money, as you agree to pay their fees when you hire them.

They Delay On Purpose

Another myth is that your attorney will delay the case so that they can charge you more money. Everyone may believe that, even subconsciously, but it isn’t true. If every attorney did that, they’d run their firm into the ground because most lawyers get paid when you win.

A veterans benefits lawyer in Texas is there to help you with your case, not to drag it out or make you panic. Visit Jackson & MacNichol at to learn more.

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