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Oral surgery is commonly known as one of dentistry’s specialty areas. This specialty typically focuses on the surgical diagnosis, as well as the adjunctive treatment of defects, injuries, and diseases related to the esthetic functional aspects of the jaws, teeth, mouth and face. An oral surgeon in St. Augustine FL area is a crucial link when it comes to your primary care providers. An oral surgeon helps by controlling a serious oral disease, as well as treating any trauma that is related to the teeth and mouth. To see an oral surgeon, you will typically need a referral from another provider. The ones who typically give out referrals to see an oral surgeon are medical physicians, pediatric dentists, orthodontists, and general dentists. Surgeon will be skilled with the following:

Removing Impacted or Diseased Teeth

An oral surgeon is experienced to remove any damaged or impacted teeth, as well as to provide anesthesia in-office.

Dental Implants

An oral surgeon is able to help with the placement and the planning of teeth implants. An oral surgeon is able to reconstruct the bone in areas that are required for dental implants and placement. This also may include modifying gum tissue and producing a more attractive and natural appearance.

Facial Trauma

An oral surgeon is able to repair any minor-to-complex facial skin lacerations, reconnecting any severed nerves, setting facial bones and fracture jaws, and facial injuries that involve cheek, and nasal bones, eye sockets, oral tissues, and forehead.

Pathologic Conditions

An oral surgeon is able to treat a patient who has a tumor or benign cyst of the face and mouth, as well as individuals have a malignant head and neck, oral cancer or severe infection of the neck, job, salivary glands, and oral cavity.

Facial Pain

An oral surgeon in St. Augustine FL is able to diagnose as well as treat any facial pain disorders that are caused by temporomandibular joint problems (TMJ). The oral surgeon will be able to order imaging studies of the joints, as well as make any referrals to any other medical specialists and physical therapists. When a surgery is needed, oral surgeon will be the one to operate.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

An oral surgeon can correct facial soft tissue, facial bone, and jaw problems that come from the removal of cysts or trauma. A corrective surgery is used to restore function and form to the oral area and can involve the nerves, bone, and skin as well as different tissues from other areas of the body.

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