Number One in Tooth Replacement: Implants

Are you tired of being self-conscious and ashamed of the way your teeth look? When you smile or laugh, do you hide your mouth by covering it with your hand? It can be time for you to visit a dental office in Waikoloa and find out exactly how implants could change your life. Dental implants can be used to fill in the spaces where you are missing teeth. It is a post that the dentist places into your jaw and then the implant is attached to it. What a simple and easy procedure to make such an impact in your life.

The Procedure is Convenient and Comfortable

Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth, and the surgery to have them placed is minimally invasive, and after it is finished, most patients feel little to no discomfort. If your procedure is relatively simple, you will be able to be in and out in one day. There are times when they may be more complex, and then the procedure could take several visits.

Are Implants Right for You?

Before the dentist can decide if you are even a candidate for dental implants, he or she will need to complete an evaluation on you. He will be checking to see if you have enough jaw bone. If not, other than having a bone graft, you will not be eligible for the procedure. While it is true that the implant option can cost a bit more, in the long run, it will save you money on more expensive, time-consuming, and painful procedures.

How to Care for the Implants

You will be amazed how easily the implants are to care for. Brush and floss daily, continue with regular checkups and cleanings, and if you have a problem with grinding your teeth, be sure to seek the proper treatment for that. If this is something that you are at all interested in, click here for more information

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