Obtaining an Uncontested Divorce with the Help of a Firm Providing Service in Family Law in Waukesha, WI

It’s possible for a divorcing couple to handle the legal paperwork by themselves if the divorce is uncontested and uncomplicated. A young couple with no children and no assets to speak of, parting amicably, may decide to go this route. Most couples, however, choose to have representation by a firm providing service in family law in Waukesha, WI. For reasons of conflict of interest, the attorney can only represent one of the spouses. With an uncontested and uncomplicated divorce, that attorney is often the only one necessary. This can be the case even if there are children involved and the couple shares ownership of real estate and other assets. The couple figures out the details on their own and the law firm creates and files the paperwork.

There are certain advantages to this divorce process. Cost and speed are two primary advantages. Aside from the spouses handling everything on their own, this is the least expensive and quickest way to obtain a divorce in this state. It also generally keeps the relationship in a frame of goodwill. This is in stark contrast to couples who cannot come to agreements on important details and wind up going to court over those issues. All major issues must be agreed on before the couple can file for an uncontested divorce; otherwise, it is considered a contested situation. A firm such as Horizons Law Group can provide more information on the legal factors. Click here for contact details.

A divorce may be relatively uncomplicated, but there still may be one aspect the spouses cannot agree on. Perhaps they have agreed to have shared physical custody of the children, but each parent wants four days per week instead of three. During collaborative sessions, an impartial moderator helps these two individuals figure out which options would be best for the kids as well as for the adults. Mediation is another effective strategy that is more commonly used when the spouses are having trouble conversing in a civil manner. They may sit in different meeting rooms most of the time while the mediator goes back and forth to accomplish the communicating. A firm providing service in family law in Waukesha, WI can arrange either of these types of sessions.

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