One Way To Save Money: Refinish Instead Of Replace Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets need to be protected from moisture from spills and steam from boiling pots and they also need a finish that can be easily cleaned as they are also exposed to smoke and grease. A licensed contractor with experience refinishing work and cabinet design in San Antonio can make your kitchen look as if it has been updated just by making your cabinets look brand spanking new again. You should definitely be looking for a company that has experience in cabinetry refinishing and that has a proven record.

Always Talk to the Company in Person

Going in person getting some innovative ideas and looking at samples is a great way to get started on your project. Talking to a kitchen designer when you decide of a finish means that sketches can be made and an estimate can be written up. Bring a cabinet door with you to the consultation so they can see what you currently have and if it is possible to give you what you are asking for. It is extremely important to find a refinishing company that can comply with your wants and needs. Your budget is what you have decided you can afford to spend on this project and a reputable company will not try to push that limit. They will be more than willing to work within your budgetary constraints.

What you can do to Prepare Your Kitchen

Clean out your kitchen cabinets. Take all the dishes off the shelves and the pots and pans as well. Scrub down all the shelves and remove all the cabinet doors. You might want to keep all of the hardware.

Shaw Company Remodeling has the knowledge and skills to refinish your cabinetry in exciting new ways. Check out our website at to see all we can do for you.

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