Motivating Your Sales Team

Every sales team needs a little motivation now and then, and as a broker it’s your job (or at least partly your job) to make sure your agents have what they need to scout for new clients and make those sales. From giving them access to the latest online real estate management system, to instilling confidence, your agents look to you for guidance when they need a boost. Here are some ways you can help motivate your sales team so they will generate income for both themselves and your brokerage.

Friendly Competition

There’s nothing like a friendly competition around the office to bring out the best in people. Encourage your team to set goals for themselves and hold contests each month for different categories. Maybe have contests for who has listed the most homes, who has sold the most, and who has signed the most new clients on. Make these challenges within everyone’s reach, but still competitive enough that your team will stretch out of the comfort zones.

Access to Tools and Resources

Nothing decreases motivation like not having the right tools and resources to do your job properly. This is true in all industries, not just sales and real estate. Make a point to invest in the latest software, systems, tools and resources so your team can execute their jobs to their fullest potential. Contact management systems, sales training videos and seminars, role playing exercises and other sales tools will give your team the confidence they need to interact with clients and close the deal.


If your team knows they’ll a prize or recognition as a result of their efforts, they may be more willing to work harder. The prize doesn’t have to be anything glamorous – bragging rights are often enough to get your agents pounding the pavement.

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