Options For Bathroom Countertops In Eagan, MN

Today, one of the hottest trends in home renovations is to turn an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary room in the home. This doesn’t necessarily mean increasing the size of the room, although that is certainly an option, but it does mean getting rid of out of date counters, sinks and fixtures.

The look of natural stone and glass is very big in designer homes. Anyone can incorporate this look in the bathroom by adding natural stone countertops in the Eagan, MN home. This is very affordable as the counters are relatively small so upgrading to beautiful marble, granite, quartz or even a more exotic stone is much less costly than most people assume.

The Natural Stone Advantage

If you are going for a spa-like appearance in the bathroom, natural stone is a perfect match. It has that very earthy and rich look but also a classical elegance that is possible to match with other materials like wood and tile.

Marble offers the classic off-white, black and gray and brown shadings with a variety of different patterns and styles. It is possible to also consider different textures from a polished surface to a more natural honed texture that is slightly rough to the touch.

Granite is another beautiful choice for bathroom countertops. As granite is formed in areas with different mineral deposits there tends to be a greater natural color variation. Reds, golds, blues and greens are possible along with the classic off-whites, tans, browns, blacks and grays. Granite, like marble, should be sealed to prevent damage to the stone from the presence of water.


Quartz is a natural stone that is processed with a resin to create a smooth, polished and vibrant type of counter. It is an extremely low maintenance option that doesn’t require sealing and is not prone to etching from water or other types of products such as soaps, lotions or other chemicals.

Quartz is available in a wide range of colors and the color can be enhanced during the manufacturing process. Vibrant to natural colors using a variety of different sizes of quartz aggregates provides different looks and designs that are a perfect match for any bathroom remodel.

The beauty of natural stone for countertops is the ability to match with modern types of fixtures and sinks to very classic and traditional styles. It is well worth considering your options in these natural stone materials if you want a bathroom that becomes a true oasis of beauty in your Eagan, MN home.

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    Author: Greene Connor

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