Options for Dental Bridges From a Clinic for General Dentistry in Attleboro MA

A practitioner who performs General Dentistry in Attleboro MA typically encourages patients to acquire dental implants to replace teeth that have been knocked out or extracted if this is possible. In some cases, however, a dental bridge is the better option. Patients who do not have dental insurance may not be able to afford implants. In addition, insurance policies may not pay for the entire cost of implants. Pediatric patients should not have implants placed until their jaws are fully developed, so they’ll need to wear a bridge in the meantime.

A removable bridge is also known as a partial denture. It’s a suitable option for someone who is considering having implants placed in the future or who does not ever expect to get dental implants. Another option would be a fixed bridge that is intended to be permanent. A practitioner who performs General Dentistry in Attleboro MA can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each device to patients who are not currently able to receive implants.

Some patients may be able to combine the bone-maintaining benefits of implants with the cosmetic features of a bridge. This is a possibility for individuals who are old enough to have implants placed but whose insurance does not cover the cosmetic crowns for the metal rods. The bridge is more affordable than the cosmetic crowns are. The rods act as natural tooth roots, fusing with the jawbone and maintaining its density and strength by stimulating it to routinely produce new bone cells. The fixed bridge attaches to the top of the rods and looks like normal teeth.

Patients can expect removable partial dentures to need an adjustment or two to optimize comfort. The device may not fit perfectly at first and cause some gum soreness. That can be resolved by a dentist with a clinic such as Alpha Dental Center. Sometimes the device doesn’t feel right when the person is chewing, and that sense of unease continues. A dentist can make sure this problem is relieved as well. It’s important for patients not to ignore discomfort or pain, as dentists want the denture wearer to be fully satisfied with these artificial teeth.

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