Orders For Peterbilt Parts Arrive Promptly Due To The Company’s Commitment To Excellent Service

Kenworth, Mack, Freightliner, and Peterbilt are some of the biggest names in the trucking industry. Many stores that sell Peterbilt Parts sell parts for those other brands too, knowing how attached truck owners are to specific brands. People choose the brands they most prefer for various reasons. Some stick with Peterbilt because they know the company has a reputation for reliability and has such a long history in this country.

This organization has been in business since 1939 after being founded in California as the Peterbilt Motors Company. It responded to a need in those early years for more long-haul trucks, since that industry was doing very well even in the midst of the Great Depression. T.A. Peterman, the founder, had a mission to learn what truck drivers wanted and needed and to respond to that with the appropriate truck features. The early goal was to focus on quality instead of cranking out hundreds of vehicles. That dedication laid the fundamental groundwork for future success.

Because of World War II, the manufacturer got its own experience in the production trenches and gained enormous expertise working on government contracts. After returning to commercial production, the organization became legendary for its superb quality. To this day, it remains one of the most reputable producers of semi-trucks, dump trucks, and the components they need to run properly.

Peterbilt was eventually acquired by Pacific Car in the 1950s, which eventually became known as PACCAR through various changes in its business model and acquisitions. Peterbilt Motors today functions as a subsidiary of the larger corporation.

These days, a truck owner looking for Peterbilt Parts can find them at a variety of stores, including Truck Parts & Equipment Inc in the Wichita area. This type of store can order components that owners need from the PACCAR warehouses and have them delivered promptly. The big corporation has made sure to serve customers effectively by establishing warehouses in various regions. That way, nobody ever has to wait very long for a part to arrive. That’s critical in the trucking industry since a vehicle out of commission can mean downtime and lost revenue. You can also follow with them on Twitter for more updates!

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