Pain-Free Dentistry For A Healthier And Better Way To Repair Teeth

If you’re like many, the thought of going to the dentist conjures feelings of terror. You imagine the painful needle injection or the high-pitched sound of the drill in your ear. You may start panicking just thinking about it, so you cancel your appointment to ensure that you hear no bad news. However, it’s still imperative that you keep all dental appointments with Hills Dental Care, as they are there to ensure your mouth is safe, beautiful, and healthy.

New advancements in technology are making it healthier and easier for dentists to repair teeth with pain-free options. Things like DentiPatch, air abrasion, and lasers can all be used (or will be available shortly), so you can have a more pleasant experience at the dentist’s office.


Lasers have long since been used in a variety of medical procedures, but they’re still a new invention in the dental world. In the past, dentists had to poke the teeth with sharp objects to see if there was a cavity. While some cavities can be found with X-rays, lasers can pinpoint the cavity, and you won’t feel any pain. Likewise, you won’t have to worry that they got the wrong tooth because of associated pain, as lasers are extremely accurate.

Lasers can also be used to deep clean the teeth, removing tartar and plaque faster and without the pain and fear associated with the scraping sound.


The DentiPatch is a new invention that looks like an adhesive bandage but contains anaesthetic and lidocaine. It is applied to the gums and the roof of the mouth to numb the area without having to use needles. When more of the anaesthetic is required, the DentiPatch can be utilised first to numb the area, so you don’t feel the needle.

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