Pediatric Dentistry in Manassas VA Helps Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy

Children have special dental needs and require different treatments from dentists than adults do. Kids must be taught proper oral hygiene habits so that they learn how to take care of their teeth correctly. In addition, baby teeth have special needs to keep them healthy and strong. Seeking pediatric dentistry in Manassas VA is the best way to make sure children’s teeth are healthy and cared for properly. Pediatric dentists receive specialized training and are experienced at handling children’s dental needs.

Proper pediatric dentistry in manassas VA involves using the correct treatments and procedures on children’s teeth. Fluoride helps keep teeth strong and protects them from cavities. Many areas of the country add fluoride to their drinking water to benefit the population. However, children’s teeth require more fluoride at higher doses to help protect their young teeth. Pediatric dentists will treat kids’ teeth with fluoride easily and quickly during office visits. In addition, they may offer to place sealants on children’s teeth. Sealants offer an extra layer of protection for teeth. They are usually clear, so they don’t detract from the appearance of teeth. They surround the tooth entirely and protect against cavities or decay.

Pediatric dentists are also able to examine children’s teeth for any signs of disease or placement issues. The placement of baby teeth in the mouth is a good indication of where permanent teeth will later come in. If teeth are badly misaligned or crooked, a pediatric dentist may suggest braces, a retainer or headgear to help guide teeth into the preferred placement. Many children and teenagers wear braces to help correct issues with their teeth or problems with overbites or under-bites. Pediatric dentists help identify the need for braces early, so that placement problems can be corrected easier and more quickly. Typically, the earlier in life that dental issues are addressed, the faster problems can be resolved.

Children require specialized dental care and treatments to help keep their teeth healthy and attractive. By practicing good oral hygiene habits early in life, children are more likely to continue taking proper care of their teeth into adulthood. Using pediatric dentistry in Manassas VA ensures that kids’ teeth receive the proper treatments and care that they need. Pediatric dentists are experienced at dealing with the needs of children and their teeth.



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