Plan Ahead to Achieve a More Seamless Transition for Your Family and Your Mover in CT

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Moving Companies

Chaos tends to make negative emotions run high. While plenty of scenarios can elicit those feelings, among the most prominent of those is moving. Packing, seeing all your belongings carried out of your home and stacked into a truck and then having to participate in, or at least oversee, their rearrangement in the new home can certainly bring negativity to the surface. With a little advanced planning, though, the entire process can flow a great deal more smoothly.

Baby Steps

Try to carry out your packing in stages. If it happens to be late spring and you intend to move before autumn, have your family begin packing up winter clothes a few weeks in advance. Those dishes, stemware, heavy duty roasting pans and baking accessories you only use at Thanksgiving and Christmas can be boxed up as well. Seasonal decor and bedding should be included. Though your knick-knacks help add personality to your home, getting these wrapped, boxed and ready to go can go a long way toward thwarting the frustration of last-minute scrambling. As your move draws closer, pack up more items you aren’t likely to need until, finally, everything but your immediate essentials are ready for delivery.

Don’t Generalize

Most people label their boxes prior to moving, but taking this a step further than the norm can be a significant help once moving day arrives. Instead of simply writing “kitchen” or “kids’ room”, be more specific. Go with a more detailed description of each box’s contents, like “kitchen: silverware and serving utensils” or “Stephanie’s room: snow globes and trophies. Fragile”. This way, your Mover in CT understands exactly where to distribute the boxes, and your family knows in which order they should be unpacked for efficiency’s sake.

Walk Away

Everything is packed and clearly labeled, and your professional Mover in CT has been trained to take care in wrapping and securing larger pieces. They understand how the process works, so take a deep breath and let them do their job.

By taking these seemingly small steps, you and your family can be fully ready for the big move when the time arrives. Don’t forget to book your moving company well in advance and ask about their payment options ahead of time. Visit to schedule a moving time or find further hints for a more seamless transition.

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