Platform Scales

Platform scales are used in industrial settings and need to be as diverse as the various industries that use them. Typically, platform scales are made from stainless steel, which protects the load cell better than aluminum or regular steel. This makes the platform scales very rugged, and heavy duty, which is perfect for an industrial type setting, such as in a factory of some sort.

However, if the setting does not need something as rugged as stainless steel, aluminum is also an option for manufacturing, which can cut down on costs and also the weight of the unit itself. There are also special corrosion-resistant scales that are made for environments that are particularly corrosive, such as those by salt water areas or those dealing with toxic chemicals.

Platform scales are generally easy to use. They include the rugged stainless steel platform that is either on the floor or on some type of weighing unit. The screen generally includes large graphics, that are very easy to use and read, and can include many functions (such as changing from standard measurements to metric, or change the weight from net to gross), which allows for the most accurate measurement.

Platform scales are also very precise. In industrial settings, it is very important to have highly accurate measurements, as these are necessary for correct fabrication in a factory setting. Generally, platform scales have special electronics, which allow them to compensate for drastic temperature changes or other conditions typical to a factory setting, which allow for greater accuracy.

Platform scales are a multi-purpose commercial weighing scale. They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, which allows for them to be used in many different locations and for different uses.

Smaller sizes can be used to get accurate measurements of smaller objects, while the large scale industrial models allow for accurate measurements of large objects, such as steel drums and heavy equipment.

Another feature that is becoming standard with emerging technology is the way in which the measurements can be communicated to other devices. Such options as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB modes of saving data are industry standard, and allow for measurements to be sent quickly, easily, and accurately from the scale to any place necessary, allowing for ease of use.

Platform scales are one of the most diverse commercial weighing scales available on the market today. They come with a variety of industry standard features and options, ranging from the size of the weighing platform to the ways in which the measurement is recorded and transmitted, allowing for the scales to be used in a wide variety of ways.

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