Plumbers in Saginaw TX Provide Assistance When the Garbage Disposal Malfunctions

Many individuals have come home to the dismaying sight of a pile of tools and plumbing components lying all over the kitchen floor, with the spouse who tried to fix something nowhere in sight. Some problems are best handled by plumbers in Saginaw TX. A malfunctioning garbage disposal is an example. In some cases, the disposal can be repaired. In other cases, the disposal must be replaced or it’s simply more cost-effective to do so. If it appears that somebody in the house was responsible for what went wrong, a plumber from a company such as Ace Repair Plumbing can offer tips on avoiding these issues in the future.

Although the device is called a garbage disposal, that’s really a misnomer. It can lead people to think that practically any food waste can be ground up in there and sent down the pipes to the sewer. New disposals come with a manual detailing the items to avoid putting into the equipment, but not everyone reads these instructions. In addition, many people move into a home that already has a disposal but no manual available anymore.

One type of substance that shouldn’t be put into the disposal, or down any drain, is anything that’s greasy or oily. For example, it’s best to wipe cooking grease from dirty pans with a paper towel instead of rinsing these pans in the sink. Oil from pans or deep fryers should never be poured down drains. The liquid can accumulate and solidify inside the disposal and along plumbing pipes, leading to sluggish drains and clogs. Solid oils shouldn’t go in the disposal either. That includes shortening, margarine, butter and lard.

Certain other items can dull the blades, and some can even break those sharp objects. Fish bones and the smallest chicken bones are OK, but any larger bones should go in the trash. The same goes for peach pits and shells from almonds, walnuts, and other nuts. Trying to get rid of any of these things in a disposal unit can result in a need to call plumbers in Saginaw TX. Contact us if the garbage disposal needs service.

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