Points to Ponder Before Installing New Residential Windows in Kansas City, KS

There’s no doubt that the old windows have to go. What the homeowner must decide now is what sort of new residential windows in Kansas City KS will take their place. By taking a little time to talk over options with a contractor, it’ll be easy to choose windows with the right features. Here are a few factors to address.

The Materials

Those older windows are made with wood sashes and frames. As the owner already knows, wood requires maintenance. Along with scraping and painting the windows every few years, being on the lookout for termite damage is essential.

Rather than going that route again, why not think about Residential Windows in Kansas City KS made with vinyl or aluminum? Painting is not necessary with either option, and damage from termites is impossible. For the most part, the only real maintenance will be cleaning the windows from time to time.

The Style

What style of windows would work best with the home? The present windows are the roll-out variety. While they are okay, the homeowner has never been that happy with the style. Since new windows must be installed anyway, why not consider going with something more traditional? A simple two-sash window makes it easy to enjoy fresh air when desired and provides plenty of protection from the cold when necessary. Best of all, there are fewer moving parts to break down.

Tinted Glass

Choosing to tint the glass is another issue to consider. Most people enjoy looking out their windows, so make sure the tint is not too dark. Keep in mind there are tint options that do not block the view from inside, but will make it difficult for anyone outside to peer into the home. That added bit of privacy can make the home all the more comfortable.

New windows are a major investment. Before making any decisions, browse our website and see what options capture the eye. Talk with a contractor about what sort of features would work well with the design of the house. Once the choices are made, the contractor can set up a date for the installation and ensure the work is done properly.

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