Potential Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening in Pine Beach, NJ

Everyone wants to look their best. One potential way to improve the way a person looks and make them look younger is to whiten their teeth. Teeth become stained as people age for various reasons, including the types of food and drink that people consume. However, there are pros and cons to teeth whitening in Pine Beach NJ.

Increased Sensitivity

Using too much bleach or leaving it on too long can cause the teeth and the gums to become more sensitive to heat and cold. Having the procedure done professionally by the dentist can help limit this risk while still getting good results quickly, as the dentist knows just how much of the whitening solution to use and how long to leave it on. The dentist can also take precautions to keep the solution from touching the gums.

Individualized Treatment

Another benefit to professional teeth whitening in Pine Beach NJ is that the dentist can tailor the type of whitening product used to the type of stains. Some stains respond better to light-activated treatments rather than just bleaching. At home treatments won’t be able to handle some of the tougher stains that people can get on their teeth.

Not Always Effective

Teeth that have tooth colored fillings or dental work can no longer be whitened. The whitening products don’t work on crowns or bonding or resin composite materials, so it doesn’t make sense to try to whiten teeth if you have a lot of this type of dental work near the front of the mouth. Also, over-the-counter products don’t always have a large effect on very stained teeth, as they can’t contain very high concentrations of whitening solution.

Cost Varies

For some people with light staining only, an inexpensive over the counter whitening treatment may have enough of an effect, but it will most likely take multiple uses to get the best effects. For others, a more expensive professional treatment is necessary. However, although it’s more expensive, the expense can be worth it as results tend to be greater and faster than with the at-home treatments that are available.

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