Powder Coating: Avoiding Issues

To say that powder coating services have become popular among certain industrial concerns is, to put it mildly, an understatement. In Michigan alone, applications embrace such wide-ranging operations as electronics and outdoor heavy equipment. The advantages of this method over other existing ones, particularly liquid coatings include:

* Environmentally friendly working environment – the application of powder coatings does not employ toxic solvents

* Lower cost for line operation

* Easy to clean up, recycle, dispose of and/or reuse

* Improved sustainability qualities – powders possess either no or very low amounts of VOCs

However, this does not mean the practice of applying powder coatings does not have issues.

Avoiding Potential Problems

Problems can result in the process if operators do not take certain proactive measures. Furthermore, it is important to address certain issues that can negatively impact the quality, reliability, and result of the powder coating as well as the overall productivity and efficiency of the line. Operators and managers must ensure:

* Proper Maintenance Of The Equipment
* Pre-Preparation Measures
* Right Spray Techniques
* Particle Size Management
* Proper Color Changeovers
* Correct Curing
* Appropriate Specifications

Failure to have in place the right type of regiment or failing to adhere to it will result in faulty sprays and imperfect, poor quality results leading to unnecessary downtime and lower production levels.

Powder Coating: Monitoring For Problem Prevention

More and more industries in Michigan are looking to powder coatings to provide their components with affordable protection. This is an excellent means of improving their product in terms of rust resistance, longevity, and even aesthetics. A powder coating also has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly and safer for a shop’s employees than the alternatives. Overall, this makes the process an attractive one for those who produce and those who purchase the finished item as long as operators adhere to protocol, and monitor for and avoid any potential problems.

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