Practical and Stylistic Considerations of Bathroom Supply in Orange County NY

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, there are fixtures on the market these days to fit any budget. The most practical way to go about bathroom remodeling is to start with the fixtures and work your way up from there. Taking plumbing and other basic bathroom needs into account from the beginning will help you in the long run. Decisions like whether the pipes leading from your sink to the plumbing lines will be exposed are going to affect the overall decor of your finished bathroom as well as influence the placement of basic fixtures like the sink, toilet, and vanity. If you’re going for a more traditional look, leaving the pipes exposed can help you to accomplish that. More modern styled bathrooms often have the plumbing hidden behind or underneath the sink. The addition of a cabinet here can accomplish both the task of hiding your plumbing and adding some extra storage.

In this first basic design phase, it’s important to consider function as well as fashion. Does anyone in your household require the use of a wheelchair? Are there additional space requirements to take into account? How much storage will you require? Is the bathroom likely to be shared? Could your design benefit from a double sink or a separate toilet room? Answering these questions first can help you decide where to place your fixtures to meet the needs of everyone using the bathroom.

Once you have made these basic decisions, aesthetic value will likely dictate what type of fixtures you require. You can find both drop in and pedestal sinks and a wide variety of faucets through a company specializing in Bathroom Supply in Orange County NY. Having an idea of your color scheme and keeping in mind the basic layout you have already determined will minimize stress in choosing between faucet fixtures and cabinets. If you’ve decided on a traditional layout with pedestal sink and exposed plumbing, you might want to consider oil rubbed bronze faucets. Most people employing a more contemporary design tend to go with polished nickel. All of these decisions will impact the final product, and in the end, what is most important is that your bathroom accommodates all of your needs and stylistic desires.

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