Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT Emphasizing Physical Activity Help Children Get a Healthy Start

Research has found that children generally were significantly more physically active a few decades ago compared with the situation now. A sedentary lifestyle in childhood is a risk factor for hyperactivity and attention issues, as well as obesity and the development of Type 2 diabetes. Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT that include an emphasis on exercise are beneficial for preventing these problems.

When children become overweight at such a young age, they often battle weight problems for the rest of their lives. Making sure this doesn’t happen should be a high priority for parents. Scheduling physical activities that kids like to do is a major step forward.

Structured and Unstructured Activity

Experts encourage parents to have their young children play in both structured and unstructured activities. An hour of running around outside in addition to another hour of an activity like age-appropriate gymnastics is advantageous. Those two hours can be split up into several periods throughout the day. Young kids generally shouldn’t be inactive for more than 60 to 120 minutes in a row.

Gymnastics Training

Children ages 3 to 6 can participate in Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT that include basic gymnastics training that helps kids improve their motor skills. They naturally practice their social skills and learn about teamwork. The physical activity helps build strong bones and muscles, as well as flexible ligaments and tendons.

This type of program offered by centers such as Next Dimension Gymnastics is intended to be fun for the youngsters. While they learn new concepts and master new skills, they have a good time with their peers and enjoy the rewarding feeling of becoming better at specific activities. They become more confident with each passing day. Contact us to learn more about programs at this particular center.

An Early Start

Another advantage is that young children typically do not get to participate in gymnastics in school when they are in kindergarten or elementary school. This program teaches them entirely different kinds of exercise that they might not otherwise experience until middle school or high school. The main exception would be tumbling, which physical education teachers often include for the early ages.

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