Preparing for Child Emergencies: 3 Factors to Consider

Looking for a new pediatrician? Did your previous pediatrician retire or move away? Or did you change addresses, relocated and moved to a new home? Whatever reasons you might have, finding a pediatrician should be a priority. Don’t keep putting it off, thinking you’re too busy. Your kids need regular medical care. To ensure their continued health and well-being, you’ll need to get them to a pediatrician sooner rather than later.

And one thing you shouldn’t overlook is the availability of pediatric urgent care services. So when you start looking for a doctor, make sure you choose with an eye for that. Here are a few factors from Healthy Children Org to help you make an excellent choice:

  1. Location. First off, ask about the location. Is it easy to get to? It could be a short 30 minute drive away but if it’s located in a less than stellar part of town, or too near the highway or simply located in a bad spot, you might want to pass that up. Find one that’s ideally located, with a public transportation hub—like a train or bus station—nearby. That’s convenient, safe and accessible.
  2. Travel time. How long does it take you to get to and from your pediatrician’s office? 15 to 30 minutes is perfect. An hour is a little bit long and could be a problem in case of an emergency. Anything that’s longer than an hour is inconvenient, impractical and a bad bet. Aside from emergencies, you need to be able to get to and from your pediatrician’s office with ease, whether it’s to have your kid’s flu checked out or have his cough treated. Long travel times can exacerbate your kid’s stress and add to your own. So go for clinics that are closer to home. That means faster treatment and more time to spend on other things like family, friends and even some me-time.
  3. Emergency services. Does your doctor offer pediatric urgent care services? Or does he work strictly on a weekday schedule? If your kid gets sick on a weekend or after hours, will he be there to provide treatment? If he can’t give your kids what they need, it’s best to find another doctor who’ll provide a better service to you and your kids.

These are 3 factors you have to consider. To ask about emergency services, contact us at Children’s Primary Care Medical Group. We provide pediatric urgent care services in La Jolla, offering your children emergency treatment options that suit their needs.

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