Properly Honoring Those Who Served Their Country with Veteran Services in Davis CA

A funeral is a time to mourn the loss of a loved one and to celebrate the impact the deceased had on the world. Though most of these ceremonies follow a basic template, elements are added to make the affair more personal and unique to the one whose life is being honored. This is especially true of those who are current or former members of the United States Armed Forces, for which the federal government makes distinctive preparations.

Veterans are a special class of people whose bravery and dedication are evident in the sacrifices they make for their country. Veteran Services in Davis, CA, are designed to reflect those traits. Many service men and women qualify for burial in a designated VA National Cemetery, which is an everlasting symbol of their service.
A United States flag is provided for such ceremonies to be draped over the casket or displayed alongside the urn of the deceased. During the burial ceremony, this flag is held at its corners by current members of the Armed Forces and systematically folded into a precise triangle. It is then presented to the honored’s next of kin, usually a parent, spouse or oldest child.

The custom of playing taps is also carried out at these ceremonies, as it is symbolic of the Armed Forces, as well. Another note of prestige comes in the form of a Presidential Memorial Certificate signed by the U.S. President. Standard government headstones are available to mark the graves of deceased service members. Finally, the closest living relative may receive replacements of any service medals or awards with which the honored veteran was buried.

These specialized Veteran services in Davis CA need to be arranged in advance in order to include these unique elements of honor. Service in a branch of the Armed Forces must be verified through discharge papers. The flag, Honor Detail, headstone and VA burial plot, as well as any monetary benefits to cover the service, must be applied for prior to the funeral. Funeral home staff members are available to help with filing the necessary paperwork to ensure those who served their country receive the honors they deserve.


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