Properties to Avoid in a Hardwood Floor Cleaner in Champlin, MN

Hardwood floors are chosen based on the ability to clean them easily. While there are many products to clean the hardwood flooring, there are certain properties to look for in a cleaner. Some cleaners are designed to clean wood but not floors. Choosing the wrong cleaner can create problems with the hardwood.

The water content in the Hardwood Floor Cleaner in Champlin MN, is something to look at. Wood absorbs water. When the wood becomes saturated, it will swell. This swelling can cause the hardwood floors to warp. This type of damage is nearly impossible to fix. Instead, the warped pieces have to be replaced. Stay away from cleaners that have an excessive amount of water. While the protective coating protects against some water intrusion, too much of it will cause this issue to occur. That is why mopping with water is not recommended for most wood floors.

Another thing to watch out for is ammonia based cleaners. Ammonia is a chemical that can interact with the protective coating. This can cause a cloudy surface to form on the wood. This will dull the look of the hardwood floors. Over time, it can wear away the protective coating. This can put the floors at risk for everyday damage. It can also require a reapplication of the protective coating much sooner than it is needed.

Be aware of the type of finish used as a protective coating for the hardwood floors. Check to make sure that the Hardwood Floor Cleaner in Champlin MN, is compatible with these types of finishes. Products that contain wax do not work with urethane finishes. This combination can leave a slippery residue behind that can make the floors feel unclean. Waxing with this type of finish can also cause the floors to look dull due to the residue coating them.

Since hardwood floors are different, it is important to make sure the cleaners are right. The wrong cleaners will cause issues with the appearance of the floors. In some cases, it can even damage the floor. If you have questions about what type of cleaner to use,

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