Protect Your Community and Officers with Body Cameras

As an officer of the law police or sworn to protect and serve their community, however, this can be difficult to do if there are not witnesses to the crime being committed. Often, such in domestic cases, when a crime is being committed the victim will usually recant their statement they gave to the officer. This makes it difficult for the court system to punish the attacker without another witness. Body worn cameras for police are a great benefit when it comes to gathering vital information to prosecute an individual.

Cameras are an Unbiased Witness

The video footage can provide important evidence such as the demeanor of a person and what is said and done at the time of the arrest. The court system will see the character of the person being prosecuted and not the well dressed and mannered person that sits in the courtroom.  This makes it harder for the defense to dispute, resulting in more guilty pleas instead of facing trial.  In a sense, the judge and jury are brought to the crime scene through the video footage, which they are able to view on their own and determine what happened at the time of the arrest.

Lowers the Amount of Complaints Made Against the Police

In an age when people are quick to call for police brutality, the body cameras are a great way to dispute these complaints. No longer does it become the factor of the officer’s word against the defendant. The officer has the video to help support his statement about what happened. Cameras are also great to help neutralize a situation. People will often change their attitude once they realize they are being recorded. They can go from being unruly to a respectful individual so the evidence cannot be used against them at another date.

Provide the Best Service to Your Community When You Buy Body Cameras from a Reputable Company

A trustworthy company can provide you and your officers a camera that will record up to 18 hours of video and 180 hours of audio. GPS that is installed in the device will be able to precisely tag the location during the pursuit. The simple one touch switch makes it easy for the officer to operate the device even at the most hectic times. The password protection will ensure that no one is able to remove any vital footage, making it impossible for anyone to cover up what truly happened.

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